Threat and Risk Management

SOG Australia is primed to evaluate corporate programs ranging from personnel protection and emergency management to disaster and terrorist response plans. Should a system require modification, SOG Australia will provide support in implementing those improvements as requested by the client.

Teamwork is our key to training and operations. Our people are taught to function as an integrated professional team and the greatest rewards come from accomplishing success as a group.

Our teams are ready to identify and implement risk management procedures to assist with a wide variety of scenarios including stabilization efforts, critical infrastructure and asset protection, brand protection, transportation of high-value personnel and cargo, kidnap and ransom, maritime security, disaster management, and emergency personnel withdrawal.

SOG Australia personnel know it is essential that all operations are well planned and directed in order to gain a successful result which delivers maximum efficiency and effectiveness to your individual and company needs. To achieve these objectives SOG Australia applies world's best practice to its Threat and Risk Management delivery models.