Compliance - Statutory & Regulatory

We assist our clients to fully understand their regulatory compliance obligations in business, risk, safety, security and governance and how to satisfy those obligations. We advise clients on the steps that can be taken in order to minimise the likelihood of regulatory interventions.


We recommend and apply MAUS Business Systems

MAUS Business Systems - Instant Software Solutions for your Business

For more than 20 years the MAUS brand has been helping business owners achieve their goals. With over 60,000 users globally, MAUS has one of the most comprehensive ranges of business software and programs in the world.

MAUS has a compilation of tools developed in co-operation with leading industry experts that are designed to make your job easier. These systems range from Operational procedures to Business planning, QA and Health & Safety.

An easy way to make compliance more affordable...

You can easily and accurately create OHS/WHS/QA documentation customized for your business that will help you to comply with your legal obligations and improve your current legislative systems. Whether you have a small or large organisation, the time and cost required to complete your finished documents will be reduced dramatically with this software. At the click of a button, MAUS compliance software will provide you with the following:

  • Instant set of up to date OHS/WHS/QA procedures
  • Hundreds of sample policies, forms and procedures
  • Ability to import documents and images
  • A system for enforcing your compliance documentation with document control and staff compliance logs
  • Regular updates based on the latest AS:4801 & ISO 9001 standards
  • Free online training to get you started with a qualified trainer