Risk Management

Environment Risk Management & Occupational Health & Safety Services

Our team of OHS and Risk Management professionals can undertake general or specific workplace assessments in your workplace. Our wide reaching expertise and experience enables us to provide a range of hazard/Risk assessments at reasonable fees.

General OHS/Risk Surveys

RISK ASSESSMENTS IAW ISO 31000 ASNZ STANDARDS 2004: AS 4801, AS 8001,8002,8003,8004

A general OHS survey can identify potential hazards and work practices that may be a risk to health and safety in your workplace Home or Office. We will then recommend practical measures to address these issues. We can appraise your OH&S policies and procedures and provide advice on workplace consultation arrangements.

Home office inspections

We can perform an inspection in the home of workers who have an arrangement with their employer to fulfil part or all of their work commitments from a home based office. This assists the employer to meet their obligations to provide a safe place of work. We then provide a report to management that identifies deficiencies and provides recommendations that can be met by management.

Ergonomics and Manual Handling

We can undertake ergonomic assessments of workplaces, including manual handling and workplace design, and suggest practical control measures. We regularly conduct workstation assessments of staff who perform computer-based work. These assessments include:

  • Observations of the employee's posture for different tasks
  • Observations of the employee's use of desk, keyboard, mouse and other equipment
  • Assessment of chair dimensions in relation to employee dimensions
  • Assessment of employee's use and knowledge of chair adjustments
  • Provide advice to employee on posture including adjusting posture for different tasks
  • Provide advice on desk and equipment set up, breaks and exercises
  • Written report to management with recommendations

Specific Hazard Assessments

We can identify, measure and report on:

  • Physical hazards (dust, noise, lighting, heat and cold)
  • Chemical hazards (vapours, gases, mists and solvents)
  • Biological hazards (bacteria, fungi and allergens)

We can also provide assessments in regard to the policy and use of Personal Protection Equipment Design, develop and create Material Safety Data Sheets ( MSDA) for small or larger workplace

  • Fire and Building Code Inspections
  • Fire and Emergency response Procedures, Policies and Training