Corporate and Private Investigations

SOG Australia Investigators have, as a minimum qualification, Certificate IV in both Government and Private Investigations, in accordance with the AGIS and CFCG requirements. Our investigators are all former law enforcement/military and regulatory officers from both state and federal agencies.

SOG Australia can provide a discrete and thorough investigation. We specialise in both intelligence and operational investigations; we pride ourselves on a results driven focus and always have provided answers to the demands that exist in our private and most recently government accredited profession.

SOG Australia investigators have the ability to undertake any investigation ranging from a minor motor vehicle collision to a protracted fraud investigation. We are able to investigate any matter that requires formal reporting at disciplinary hearings, the Administrative Appeals Tribunals, through to full criminal court proceedings.

SOG Australia specialise and provide expert counsel and advice on all police, corrections, defence and security industry related disciplinary matters. Our senior consultants are current and can assist you with defence and interview preparation coaching and advice for any internal or departmental matters.

SOG Australia personnel have worked in the internal investigations departments of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Other state based agencies integrity areas and have prepared reports to the satisfaction of the Commonwealth Ombudsman. These reports covered a myriad of complaints/allegations and in many instances required mediation between both parties. The mediation process was conducted to the satisfaction of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and attained successful outcomes for all concerned parties.

We conduct:

  • Corporate Integrity & Due Diligence Investigations
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Professional Advice on Covert and Overt Operations
  • Missing Persons and Background Inquiries
  • Witness Preparation and Advice
  • Statement Preparation
  • Family Law Matters
  • Custody Issues

International Investigations

For investigations internationally we work with our associates GroupH3.